In few words, we would like to present you a technology, related (well known already) to - GEET technology. You may find a lot of data, related to that. Nevertheless, we would like tell you a bit more that you may find into the NET.







Just additional facts...

Not many people know that at room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure water would be able to split on Hydrogen and Oxygen if we would be able to archive just at least two factors: temperature at 2500 C at 1 atm. of outer pressure. Following that statement, we may found out, that at lower pressure we may need,- at lower temperature to keep this effect going. It means that at point we may create a system (device) where we would be able to create a vacuum at some temperature - we may get a splitting process of water particles. We would not like to take a lot of your time into talking about Thermodynamics, but all idea we would present into simple picture here.




As you may find here,- green zone - the zone of splitting particles of water (related to temperature and pressure). Building any device, you may apply such conditions - you would be able to get  H2O = H + O + H . In many applications you also have to get that processes being stable. At some conditions the reactions are going to "be back"-   H + O + H = H2O.

Moreover, we may add some other chemical components to that mixture and get a plasma reaction which may produce NEW particles NEW elements. Mr Paul Panton discovered that and presented to the public in 1983. He called that as a GEET Multi-fuel Reactor.


The simplest device would look as a pipe and rod inside. We create vacuum inside- between two surfaces and organize a temperature (heat exchange). At this terms we are organizing plasma processes inside (ionized gas or/and mixture).


In addition we may apply some magnetic fields inside the chamber and send all to spiral way (vortex). At this matter we would increase an effect of splitting processes. As it was investigated before, in this reactions we may get even absolutely NEW elements we may not find in Periodic Table of elements (Table Elements of Mendeleev). Here we have some transmutation chemical processes. We may call it a cold nuclear reaction as well. The nature is not as primitive as we have been told before by some “smart” people from classical books… Nevertheless, we would focus at applying synthetic mixtures with fumes of water at this time.

Sending a mixture of fumes between rod and inner wall of pipe at some high temperature (wich we get from the heat of combustion gases),- we are getting ionized gas, also called as PLASMA. The clearance, dimensions are established practically. It depends of what kind of components we are looking to use in the system. We build systems according what do we expect to archive. We are looking to split a water to burnable gas/or create conditions to create a process of synthesizing water fumes (steam) with chemical components such as CH- and OH-

We would, probably, to describe a reaction as this:

С + H2O + OH >>  H2 + CO + X + O >> H + H + CO + X + O

Where C- and OH- are components of organic structures (benzin-petrolium, propane, spirit, bio gas mixtures, etc). X - unknown elements (we have at this reactions). Nevertheless, NO poison elements we have here! Emissions are almost 0! In addition, we have more Oxygen - out of the system then incoming to the reactor!

In addition, many systems are possiable to build with a H-H-O generators as well. It means we may combine few devices into one: to produce H+ and O2- elements from the source (water). We may apply water plazma generators: plazmatronic ignitors.

In many applications we may apply TT- chargers to make polorized steam work in the wat of the extension of its value.

Simply saying, it is very possiable to make plazmatronic steam machines and so on.

How people make simple reactors...




Our own developments...



"Propane and water"



Run on mixture (petrolium  and water)...

This systems have LOW emissions.


It runs on propane and water.


As we see now, may use this generators with any type of fuel (geet). Water becomes to be as a primary fuel at this type of machines.

All engines were lubricated by RVS (nano-compaunds)- to protect metalls from hydrogen corrosion etc. We distribute this components as well. This applications would help anyone with- how to get electrical (mechanical) energy using water and some mixtures (fumes)...

This systems we tested on some vehicles. At some results, we have gotten an economy up to 50% of fuel consuption (for petrolium motors)- at least, for disel engines we may get economy up to 40% using this basic systems. We have developed and tested two and three chamber reactors. This systems many people replicate and develop in Russian Empire now. Many people are joined to this team...

This type of reactors (for vehicles) we use and develop at present.


Basic installations (as shown here)



At present time, we would like to represent a RUSSIAN REACTOR, called also as a Reactor of Klochko.


We would apply a electrostatic fields, as well,- to achieve more efficiency and control of processes into REACTOR.



At present, we develop NEW TYPE OF REACTORS, wich would provide more effect and performance.







We present some final products, which we manufacture.

This systems are developed to increase the performance of any device/combustion motor: meaning to SAVE fuel and SAVE the environment: getting almost 0 pollution in the air.

These simple systems are able to increase power output from engines, reduce fuel consumption and pollution. We also understand that some corporations do not like the fact of applying this techniques: that is why we are not so official. Basically we researched GEET technology and developed own systems.

Some research is still on the list…


The systems, which we present now are not just for sport cars. They help to reduce fuel consumption up to 40-45% for ANY KIND OF MOTOR!


As it was mentioned before, we are independent researchers and developers. We are focusing on solving energy problems and so on. Moreover, technologies we offer are affordable to most people. We discover real science and offer in to people who is interested.

In this paragraph we would like to present finalized reactors/systems, which use fumes of water and some amount of exhaust  gas.

These systems are easy to install at any suitable place. We provide instructions and support with installation and so on.

Lets talk about it.

This type of device is based on Pantone invention (GEET technology). It is simple.


The main idea of this already classical invention: is to get synthesized water-gas from fumes of water (H2O) / exhaust  gas (C-) using temperature of hot gases and vacuum.

Temperature of exhaust gases is good enough to keep heat exchange to work (reactor).

Vacuum we apply from the intake system.

System works this way:

1) we get mixture of water fumes and exhaust gases
2) we send that mixture to the reactor (which heated by hot gases of the exhaust system)
3) deliver synthesized water-gas from the reactor to engine





A- water tank (supplies water)

B- barboter (water comes to the device and mixtures with the exhaust gas b)
c- mixture delivers to the REACTOR C (mixture goes between hot rods and heat exchangeable  synthesis process)
e- synthesized water-gas is transfers to the receiver and goes to the intake system of the motor


Few types of reactors we offer here:

1) 2 - chamber reactors are used for engines with up to 3.5 L  
2) 4 - chamber reactors are used for engines from 3.5 L to 6.5 L 
3) 8 - chamber reactors are used for engines from 6.5 L to 15 L           
4) Multiple reactor systems are used for motors/turbines: special order. 


You can order a stainless water TANKS from us as well: it will look nice!


We may also manufacture any type of custom tanks!


These units you need to use in the need to prepare mixture of fumes of water and exhaust gases-to feed the REACTOR right.

It has auto-leveling water system.



This device is used to accumulate/balance vacuum in the system to perform better work of feeding part of the system. 


This device is used for supplying a synthesized water-gas to the intake system.
Custom- diffusors are the best solution for they provide you with a better performance.